'Mini is a brand, not just a car'

The iconic Mini has finally entered India - the 100th country to see the iconic car.

At Rs 25 lakh, it is expensive. Will it sell in India?
Mini is not a car, it is a brand. Cars may not sell, brands do.

Indias are averse to paying so much for a small car.
That is true for the US, Brazil, Mexico and Korea as well. Mini is bought in 99 other countries. It will surely be bought in the 100th country as well.

Why not manufacture it here to make it cheaper?
We only produce Mini in two countries and never felt the need to do it anywhere else. People buy the Mini for what it offers, not for of its price.

How much growth have you seen this year? Are you impacted by slowdown?
We have grown by 20% this year and we continue to grow even in markets like Italy, Greece and Spain.


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