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 Delhi 100

The Anglo-Arabic School

Delhi witnessed the earliest linguistic and cultural encounter between East and West, between English and the languages of the Orient, informs Rakhshanda Jalil.

Shocking! Delhi’s drug users get younger

It’s not just sex and rock ’n roll that the city’s school going youngsters are experimenting with; experts say kids as young as 13 and 14 are indulging in substance abuse. Rajesh Ahuja and Damini Purkayastha report.

How Delhi spoils its dogs

While Paris Hilton may be getting a mansion built for her babies (read dogs), Delhiites are not far behind when it comes to pampering their pooches, informs Namya Sinha.

Embrace the birds

You might know Delhi’s best shopping and dining hotspots, but do you know its amazing birdlife? Bharati Chaturvedi examines...

Buy a Hussain at a mall

This is one purpose you never thought Delhi's high-end malls would serve: turning NCR's Swarovsky-crystal-hounds into art lovers.

The Assam Express

HT City’s series on regional communities that give the Capital its cosmopolitan character.

Modern art takes root at NDMC

Known for its British colonial architecture, Lutyen's Delhi will soon see modern artwork in the area.

Delhi's wolves don't even spare women traffic cops

They are empowered to stop any vehicle for traffic violations, but drivers sometimes make catcalls and indecent gestures to them. Jatin Anand reports.

Inheritance of gross and one good old place

The more things change, the more they remain the same. The unique quirks, characteristics and problems that we associate with New Delhi today, were very much present even 100 years ago.

Littering the city in a ‘spit’ second

Delhiites of every generation have had a rather curious way of appreciating grand architecture — by spitting on the walls and throwing around filth.

Separated at birth: Taxis of yore and today’s autos

Overcharging, not going by the meter; rude; declining to go to a destination — sounds like an autowallah in Delhi? We are actually talking about the taxi drivers of the Capital of 1920s.

How security became a status symbol

Before the declaration of the shifting of the Capital from Calcutta, Delhi was just a provincial town of some commercial interest. The police force was also adequate only for a provincial town.

The India Gateaway

Think of a pleasant sunny day with light breeze. Now think of a large open space in the heart of the city with lush green lawns for a family outing. The India Gate lawns? That was exactly the hangout area for Delhiites three generations ago.

Go shopping for art

Planning a shopping spree with your friends over the week? This time, make it an arty affair. Tucked away in different parts of the town are quirky art shops with cool things on sale — mugs, miniatures, bags, paintings, prints and even coasters.

Delhi is the canvas for these schoolkids

Proving Pablo Picasso's famous words right that "all children are artists", Kaleidoscope-2011, the annual on-the-spot painting competition organised by Hindustan Times Pace, attracted more than 1,000 students from over 250 Delhi/ NCR schools on Wednesday.
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