HindustanTimes Tue,01 Sep 2015

Independence Day

Narain Karthikeyan

I love my country and thats why I always have the tricolour on my helmet. When the home ministry outlawed sportsmen from displaying the national flag on their kits, it got me very upset. I could have sold that helmet space to a sponsor but I want to represent India in my sport. Even today, at HRT, I drive with the flag on my helmet, Narain Karthikeyan.

Karthikeyan was awarded the Padma Shri in 2010.

Mahesh Bhatt

I'm not the kind of person who celebrates independence day. I do not attribute any great significance to it. But it's not very important to me doesn't mean I want to stand out or I am made of a different metal. I just don't celebrate such events. But independence to me signifies the commitment that you make to your countrymen, that whenever your dignity is squashed, you should stand up and protest against it. An independent man should fight, and it is his duty to do that. We should also dedicate the independence day to some of the greats from which we have benefitted.

Leander Paes

“India always comes first for me. I’m very proud that I get the opportunity to represent my country in the Olympics and Davis Cup ties. It’s a different feeling altogether when playing for the tricolour and playing on the ATP circuit in individual tournaments. It was a proud moment when I was India’s flag bearer at the Sydney Games in 2000,” Leander Paes.

Paes has been awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award 1996-97, Arjuna award (1990) and the Padma Shri (2001).

Imran Zahid

The idea of independence/patriotism in today's context to me is not fighting corruption with a candle light protest at India Gate. In order to bring change, we should first try to be honest to ourselves.

Kailash Kher

Independence means a lot to me but everyday is Independence Day for me. I don't believe in celebrating any one day for it. I like to sow seeds of goodness every day by doing some good deeds, I'm not a slave of greed and superficiality.

Pooja Bedi

Independence Day is important. It is the day we got rid of foreign rulers. I think it's something to perpetuate, pay attention to and we should reassess, regarding what we should do to uphold our democratic rights we have. Patriotism in today's context is rising against corruption, standing up for our rights, and exercising the power of mind. I celebrate Independence Day with my children, friends and family. To celebrate the spirit of independence, I incorporate tricolour like Orange gravy, spinach, and things like that in food, to make it a memorable meal.

Simone Singh

For me this day is our greatest historical landmark in modern times. Everything that followed who we became as a nation, our achievements, our failings, the choices we make as a people and a country, the fact that we can do this as a sovereign nation - all have been possible only because we gained our independence on this day.

Rakesh Bedi

It's very simple. I have my own perception towards my country. Even if I'm alone at home and the national anthem is playing I stand up. I think that some people are stabbing my country in the back. The politicians and people in power and all, but that doesn't mean that my loyalty towards my country can get diminished.

It's not a celebration as such because it's not a festivity. In the building I live in, some people get together and sing national anthem and in the evening there's some sports activities.