HindustanTimes Sat,29 Aug 2015

Independence Day

What if 2011 India was a British dominion?

A God-save-the-joke look at a nation of 1.2 billion loyal subjects to the British queen.

Footloose and fancy-free

Most people want to belong. So whether it's belonging to a religion, a sports club or a nation, the idea of being part of a collective has provided an overwhelming number of people with the comfort of numbers.

A generation that can be what they want to be

Becoming what they wanted to be sans lineage or godfathers, the outsider taming unfamiliar terrain, is an idea that appeals to the young.

Moderate yes, Right okay, Left no way

India’s 2009 Lok Sabha election was the world’s largest electoral process, yet, almost half of India’s young voters did not step out to cast their vote.

Born free, but living by the rules

Carte Blanche? India's young generation is patriotic and not as rebellious as one would think, finds the HT-Gfk Mode August 15 survey.

Glimpses of the day India won freedom

Like an heirloom, elders bequeath August 15, 1947, memories to their grandchildren. Hema Rawat writes. HT Next I-Day special

Anthem: for that instant surge of patriotism

We have all sung the national anthem. It is a song that can never be sung without feeling a sense of pride. Moreover, Jana Gana Mana inspired many people to take up the cause of independence some 65 years back. Harsha Baruah & Anushka Bhartiya report. HT Next I-Day special

A perky Jai Hind; a speech sans applause

This time around, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh punched his fist forward and raised his voice by more than a notch as he said Jai Hind thrice and urged the audience to repeat after him.

Not rebels, but Mama’s boys and girls

It’s a generation that loves television, hang out with friends and shop, enjoys Bollywood films and filmy music, doesn’t exercise too much, isn’t at all enamoured of smoking or drinking and is either hostile or indifferent to drugs.