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India is waging a lone battle against terror

The David Headley case gets curiouser and curiouser. As each new twist is revealed, I sometimes feel as though we are watching one of those American TV shows where every episode brings with it some increasingly far-fetched plot complication, writes Vir Sanghvi.

Beltway’s Bharat buzz

Obama reaches India on November 6 for a visit that has been described as a “defining moment” in the history of both India and the United States. Yashwant Raj writes.

Audacity to anxiety

Two years ago, we were inspired by Barack Obama because he was a potent symbol of multiculturalism. Now he has distanced himself from what made him unique. Barkha Dutt writes.


Not all that gung-ho

During his visit, Barack Obama may allow New Delhi to sidestep certain thorny issues. However, those can't be wished away forever, says Ashok Malik.

Wooing the India of tomorrow

With China in the race for mega deals too, Obama will have to put in more than just a three-day junket, writes Gautam Chikermane.

From basketcase to indispensable

The United States has historically found it hard to have a coherent point of view on South Asia, let alone India. The good news is, such a view has been evolving and, today, is far more mature than it has ever been, Pramit Pal Chaudhuri writes.

Irritants apart, Indo-US ties will endure

It's easy to be down on the Obama visit. After all, the Republicans have just seized control of the House of Representatives after an electoral upheaval of mammoth proportions. Vir Sanghvi writes.

Stars & stripes in our eyes

The US is more than just an economic partner for India. It is an inspirational one.

Lost in the middle

After his mid-term electoral defeat, Barack Obama may need to build bridges with the Republicans. India could be one of his starting points, writes Pramit Pal Chaudhuri.

All rhyme and rhythm

The Obamas danced their way into our hearts. Our politicians might pick up a step or two.

A rediscovery of India

Barack Obama is now the third US leader to set off on this quest in recent times. Because the new India-US relationship is relatively young, there is an element of rediscovery every time a new government is elected to power in each country.


US first lady's India programme

US first lady Michelle Obama has two items on her itinerary separate from the President's. Jayanth Jacob reports.

Obama's India visit: Detailed itinerary

US President arrives at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai on Saturday, November 6, 2010. Event will be telecast live on DD News.


Does Obama's 26/11 speech fall short of India's expectations?

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