HindustanTimes Thu,03 Sep 2015

The new Indian voter: from khap to AAP?

Too woo the new voter, there is a need to devise creative, ambitious responses to connect the young people to the opportunities the 21st century offers, writes Shashi Tharoor.

After the gloom, let’s hope for a sporty new year

Though sport had its grand and cherishable moments in 2013, yet the controversies surrounding it were equally potent to affect — if not destroy — the image of teams clashing for the pure joy of winning.

A world short of soldiers, capital and leadership

Across the world in 2014, the ebbing of US global involvement will start to come to a head. American troops will largely leave Afghanistan. The civil wars in Syria and Iraq will metamorphose into an Al Qaeda vs the rest struggle – but with Washington absent.

New social forces to come into full play

The highpoint of 2014 will be the political battle between the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi in May.

The Rise of the Satellite Generation

There is a new wave of political assertion and economic ambition sweeping India. Its roots lie in reforms, digital technologies and Bollywood’s dream machine  writes N Madhavan.

Netas face a new breed of voters who believe in politics of development

Leaders have realised the new Indian voter is moving beyond the politics of caste, class, region or religion. He believes in the politics of development. The mantra is simple: perform or perish.

The new Indian voter is angry, armed and dangerous

The new Indian voter tasted success, and is angry on being interrupted by a sloppy, corrupt system. It is armed with information, technology, and desire to get its way democratically, writes Abhijit Majumder.