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You are truly privileged, because you can read this sentence. Chances are, most of the people around you--your family, friends and colleagues--can do the same. But isn't it distressing to know that millions of children in India wouldn't know whether to turn this page upside down? In fact, for them this printed side is just as good or bad as a blank page.

For a country that often pleads to be considered a superpower, we often forget that a large part of our population is illiterate. Worse, they have little hope of receiving an education ever.

With this thought in mind, we at Hindustan Times launched the 'You Read, They Learn' initiative in 2012. Every day, we put aside a part of the cover price that readers in Delhi-NCR pay for the newspaper. This money is used by our partner NGOs who work to bring more children to school. And more smiles. Till date, more than 20,000 kids have been sent to school with the help of our partners Cry and Pratham. This project was later launched in Mumbai as well.

How does You Read They, Learn work?

Monetary Contribution

1. Contribution from the cover price of HT

A part of the cover price of each copy of HT sold in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai is kept aside and donated to our partners in the initiative - Cry and Pratham for their projects in the area of education for underprivileged kids.You can read about CRY here. You can read about Pratham here.

2. Independent contribution from readers and employees at HT

Readers of HT regularly send in monetary contribution which is also added to our cover price contribution and donated to our partners. Many employees of Hindustan Times contribute directly from their salaries on a regular basis

Click here to donate online.

Volunteer Efforts

HT regularly organizes activities where readers can volunteer to help in all possible ways. Ranging from donating books to spending a few hours every week teaching the kids, our readers have contributed in many significant ways. You can write to to express your interest in volunteering.


You Read They Learn

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