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The incredibles

Adrenaline rush once in a divine while cricket and the elements collude to produce moments of exceptional brilliance that continue to thrill each time they are recalled. We compile a list of incredible instances. Rohit Bhaskar reports.

Those Jarring notes

Controversies Over the years, sordid incidents have marred the game's image on the biggest stage; death in mysterious circumstances, inane rules, drug abuse and loud protests have all hit the quadrennial event. We walk back in time... HT reports.

Normal is boring

The gentleman’s game has had its share of enfants terribles who have added colour and spice to cricket’s biggest stage. Here’s a look at the wild things of international cricket, and the antics that built their legend. Firebrands

The giant killers

For a game with very few surefire bets, the biggest stage has consistently thrown up some rather surprising results. We recount a few from the previous World Cups... Watch out

Hope is in place but can hosts India deliver?

With the World Cup starting in less than a month, the question uppermost on everyone's mind is: Can India pull it off? Amrit Mathur writes.

Dhoni uncut

It is remarkable that this small-town boy (Dhoni) stormed his way to the pinnacle of Indian cricket on the strength of just two things — a playground next door and the good fortune to have his colony friends at any time of the day to play. Sanjjeev Karan Samyal writes. World Cup warriors

India's G-force

Gautam Gambhir will be a key force in the Indian batting lineup this World Cup. We look at the evolution of a shy boy from a sheltered background into a batting powerhouse. Khurram Habib writes. Gautam uncut | Gautam in a nutshell

Virender Sehwag's art of attack

HT goes back to Najafgarh's dusty bylanes and Delhi's maidans to trace the route Sehwag took to get his big game into shape. N Ananthanarayanan writes. In a nutshell | Viru uncut | Viru's life

Dad's the way

Unlike a majority of the sporting accolades Yuvraj Singh has earned in his life, his most precious one didn't come on a cricket field. It was won on a skating rink. Ashutosh Sharma reports.

Kid off the Blocks

It was a dream that almost died before it was born; the tale that began on a sour note, however, is now enjoying a fairytale run. Sharad Deep reports.

Runaway winner

It was a familiar sight at Chandigarh’s Sector-16 stadium in the mid-90s. A gawky turbaned teenager, with his packed bag kept on the stadium’s wall, waiting to take an autorickshaw to the main bus stand.


It is one story that is sure to do the rounds of the Ferozeshah Kotla and be narrated much beyond for years to come.

Outback hero

In this small western Uttar Pradesh town, everything shines. Goods made of brass, ranging from household utensils to imposing statues, give this quaint town a unique identity. And people in the town believe Piyush Chawla is the real 'Paras' (mythical touchstone, which turns baser metals into gold). Sharad Deep reports.

Right turn

Before mastering the art of off-spin, Ravichandran Ashwin had to surmount a few twists and turns early in life. No wonder this 24-year-old speaks with a maturity way beyond his age and never looks flustered under pressure on the field. Atreyo Mukhopadhyay reports.

Reticent ranger

The first time Munaf Patel was asked to come and play in a "real" cricket match, the teenager ran away and hid himself in the very house of the man who asked him to join the team - Golden Cricket Club captain Haroon Handi. He had to be forcibly taken to the ground. Abhijeet Kulkarni reports.
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