Where's the cheer, folks?

With the IPL, cheerleaders came into the game. The entry, of course, was far from a welcome one. Within days of the inaugural season, cheerleaders from several outfits were asked to cover up.

Then, shockingly two British cheerleaders were barred from entering the ground because the stadium authorities didn't believe they were cheerleaders.

"Nobody wants to see black girls," one official was quoted as saying.

"We only want beautiful, white girls."

Then came revelations of South African model and Mumbai Indians' cheerleader Gabriella Pasqualotto.

She accused IPL players of treating cheerleaders like a piece of meat and even took names, most famously calling South Africa captain Graeme Smith a serial flirt.

Soon after the blog hit the headlines, she was sacked. Goes to show what can happen, when you kiss and tell.


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