Why can’t we be friends?

Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds as best friends? No, this is no monkey business, it’s proof that there’s nothing Mukesh Ambani’s wealth can’t buy… even friendship.

Television hadn’t seen BFFs like these since the network producers caught a glimpse of Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton in The Simple Life (and immediately cancelled the show, burning all copies of previous seasons to eliminate the risk of re-runs).

The odd couple did have their moments, mostly at pre-planned events where their main task was to shake hands and smile from ear to ear.

To give them credit, they even threw in a few bear hugs to flummox the watching audience even more.

In the end, it proved futile as Mumbai Indians again ended the season without silverware. The duo won’t have a chance for a sequel as Symonds has called it a day. We empathise wholeheartedly.


DD’s Gold coin show!

Virender Sehwag may not have been able to win silverware in the IPL but he seems to have plenty of gold on his plate.
On Saturday, a Delhi Daredevils sponsor asked him to launch a collection of gold coins to honour the fans of the Delhi IPL franchise.
We hope the company really honours its fans by giving away some coins for free. Otherwise, we'll deem it to be just a publicity stunt.


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