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Top Schools in International RANKS 2013
The Ups and Downs
The 2013 Hindustan Times- C fore Top Schools Survey gave scores to each school across 14 parameters, which include academic rigour, competence of teachers, individual attention to students and sports. Here is a look at how schools have fared compared to last year's rankings, as a guide for parents and school authorities on school performances. Overall ranks may go up or down, but for a more complete analysis, please take a look at parameter-wise rankings.
Top School Ranking
in 2013
in 2012
Pathways World School, Aravali 1 1
Scottish High International School 2 2
Pathways School, Baliawas, Gurgaon 3 5
G D Goenka World School 4 3
Genesis Global School, Noida 5 n/a
Pathways Noida 6 6
Vidya Sanskar International School 7 8
DPS International, Pushp Vihar 8 3
Lancers International School 9 9
Excelsior American School 10 7
Pathways World School, Aravali RANK: 1
Top School of Noida Top School of Noida
The school's Career Advisory cell helps students explore opportunities. There is a design & technology workshop and classrooms have interactive whiteboards. Sports facilities include synthetic tennis and basketball courts, glass squash courts, soccer fields etc.

Fee: 2,88,000
Scottish High International School RANK: 2
Top School of Noida Top School of Noida
Spread over 5 acres of land, the entire school campus is wi-fi enabled. The school's dining area can accommodate 1100 students. The school provides facilities for adventure training, swimming, archery,soccer, yoga, cricket etc.
Fee: 1,41,155
Pathways School, Gurgaon RANK: 3
Top School of Noida Top School of Noida
The school has music, dance and theatre studios. The school library & media centre have a large range of books and also story-telling corners. The ten-acre campus includes a soccer field, a gymnasium, a golf-putting area and a swimming pool.
Fee: 2,88,000
G D Goenka World School RANK: 4
Top School of Noida Top School of Noida
The school has 3 libraries which are wi-fi enabled. Boarding facilities are provided for the students as well. There are seven playfields, a multi-purpose indoor hall for both sporting and cultural activities and a 400-metre track.
Fee: 4,17,000
Genesis Global School, Noida RANK: 5
Top School of Noida Top School of Noida
The campus is Wi-Fi enabled, the classroom are integrated with e-learning facilities, there is a multimedia library. The school also has computerised labs, a language lab and science lab. Tennis, badminton, basketball, squash courts, a shooting range, and a horse riding track are some of the sports facilities the school provides.
Fee: 2,93,000
Pathways Noida RANK: 6
Top School of Noida Top School of Noida
The entire campus is wi-fi enabled. The average class size is 24 in primary and 20 in higher secondary. Life skills education is part of the curriculum and parental participation is ensured by inviting parents for ‘Back to School’ classes and regular meetings.
Fee: 3,81,000
Vidya Sanskar International School RANK: 7
Top School of Noida Top School of Noida
The school's 20-acrre campus includes a swimming pool, basketfball court, cricket and football grounds. For extra-curricular development of students, the school has debating, dramatics, elocution and writing societies. Boarding facilities are available.
Fee: 1,53,000
DPS International, Pushp Vihar RANK: 8
Top School of Noida Top School of Noida
The school has well-equipped physics, chemistry, biology and environment schools. The library has over 20,000 books. Martial arts, table tennis, yoga, gymnastics are some of the indoor sports facilities provided.
Fee: 2,88,000
Lancers International School RANK: 9
Top School of Noida Top School of Noida
The school has aerobics facilities, a gym, table tennis and yoga facilities. Boarding facilities are provided to students. The school's music programme includes training in the flute, clarinet, guitar, piano etc.

Fee: 4,75,000
Excelsior American School RANK: 10
Top School of Noida Top School of Noida
This school offers horse riding coaching, tennis and also has a ballet and soccer academy. There are 18 specialised clubs — on quizzing, math, robotics and taekwondo among others.
Fee: 2,81,655
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