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Bihar village shows the green way to celebrate birth of a girl

Kavita Devi gained iconic status in Kaluchak village for having planted a tree when her daughter was born three years back. Father-in-law Umesh Singh, 58, as well as husband Avinash, 26, could not have been happier. Avijit Biswas writes.

Green Heroes: Assam's forest guardian

Going green is expensive. The National Green India Mission entails Rs 46,000 crore for 10 years to bring 33% of the country’s landmass under forest and tree cover.

Green Heroes: Uttarakhand anti-felling crusader

Like any happily married woman, Rajshree Joshi (42) a resident of Nainital has fond memories of her marriage that took place in December 1996. Sixteen years down the line, Rajshree has two kids and a Guava tree.

Green Heroes: Odisha's conservation master

In 1988, as a post-graduate student of sociology in Sambalpur University, Ranjan Panda visited some villages in western parts of Odisha. To his dismay, he discovered that the once agriculturally prosperous villages had turned parched and drought prone.

Green heroes: Jharkhand's tree saviour

Infamous for drought, famine, hunger deaths and left wing extremism, if there’s anything good about Jharkhand’s Palamu district, it’s the illustrious son of this soil -- Kaushal Kishore Jaiswal and his green campaign called Paryawaran Dharma (Environment Religion) and Ban Rakhi movement he is propagating since the last four decades.

Green heroes: Rajasthan's water warrior

A few decades ago, river Nanduwali in Alwar went completely, leaving behind a 12-km trail of what was its bed to be a picture of gross neglect. “What we did was to evolve a consensus to not cut a single tree and focus on forest, land, water and livestock along within the community,” says Farhad Contractor, who was instrumental in reviving the Nanduwali.

India basks in solar glory

From Ladakh in the north to Madurai in the south, solar power is turning India into a hot destination for clean energy investments from across the globe. Chetan Chauhan reports. Sunshine state India

Industry takes green way out as energy costs skyrocket

Green is the new buzz in industry, which has rapidly veered towards eco-friendly and energy-efficient appliances. Himani Chandna Gurtoo reports. What to look forward to

Green courses grow – but not careers

Green courses grow in India, but youth look westwards for careers. Unlike in the developed world, where the green energy industry is big and the market for green products massive, India's smaller industry and markets mean fewer career opportunities for students. Charu Sudan Kasturi reports. Growth of the green sector 

A million solar lamps light up Sunderbans, keeping tigers at bay

A village in the famed tiger reserve is lit up by solar streetlights. The demarcation between human habitat and tiger territory is now marked out. Joydeep Thakur reports. India's green record

Solar eye helps Corbett Reserve officials keep track of tigers

It is solar energy that came to the rescue of Corbett Tiger Reserve officials as they struggled to get eyes on the porous southern periphery of the vast reserve – where officials particularly fear intrusion of poachers. Nihi Sharma Sahani reports. Initiatives underway

Are we doing enough for the environment?

Delhi’s environment is suffering due to its citizens’ apathy and the authorities’ neglect. But there are those — although a small minority — who are doing their bit to conserve the ecology and environment of the Capital. HT reports.

Nature conserving its best far away from crowded cities

India presents a unique environmental contrast: while the landscape in fast-growing cities is crumbling under human pressure, the Himalayas and the coastal areas are conserving the nature's best assets, amid a significant increase in the mangrove cover along coasts. Chetan Chauhan reports.

Lucknow show concern for Mother Earth

We are an environment friendly people at Hindustan Times. And readers' response from across the state to HT's Green initiative confirmed it on World Environment on June 5.
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