I could be the next Katrina Kaif endorsing hair removal creams: Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff poses with a flute at a film event. We wonder if the actor can play the instrument as well.

Debutant actor Tiger Shroff is an introvert, unlike his father actor Jackie Shroff. The 24-year-old has been getting a lot of criticism online for his looks, ahead of his big debut, but he remains unperturbed, and says, “Bring it on”.

Excerpts from an interview.

* What is Tiger as a person?
I’m anti-social and I don’t have too many friends. I’m in my own world doing my own things — training in martial arts, dancing or watching a Michael Jackson video.

* You are a private person, aren’t you worried about link-ups?
Not at all. If anything, I’m very excited about them. A lot of people think I’m gay. I have really red lips so they say I wear lipstick; they say my dance is very feminine and a lot of people think I look like a girl. But that’s fine. I take the criticism positively.

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* You will be carrying your father’s legacy forward. Are you nervous about it?
I’m proud of my father, but I don’t want to be my father. I hope people accept me the way they have accepted him. Comparing me to him will be very difficult. Although I would love to grow a beard and moustache like him, sadly I just don’t get facial hair and I’ve been made fun of for that. I could be the next Katrina Kaif and endorse a hair removal cream or something (laughs). But if I wasn’t my father’s son, I would be nowhere.

* What advice did he give you?
Nothing actually. All he told me was to listen more and speak less.

* Who apart from your father has been an influence in your life?
I’m a huge Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson fan. But in Bollywood, I respect Hrithik Roshan a lot. I think he’s a complete actor, dancer and just his presence changes everything. He’s a true superstar and I see no weakness in him. I wish to imbibe his qualities in my professional life too.


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