Aamir Khan to visit India's most-haunted town

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    Aamir Khan is a treat for photographers! Not just because he's good looking, one of the A-listers of Bollywood but also because he provides such ...

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    Aamir Khan has an amused look as he talks to the media during Talaash promotions at his residence.

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    Hai la! Aamir is all ears as the media poses questions.

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    Aamir Khan passionately explains something to the media during Talaash promotions at his residence.

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    O teri! Aamir listening attentively to the media.

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    Aamir Khan certainly has a mischievous glint in the eye as he addresses the media during Talaash promotions at his residence.

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    Contagious laugh: Aamir Khan finds something rather humourous at the press conference.

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    Bollywood actor Aamir Khan was spotted talking rather passionately about his upcoming film Talaash at various press conferences across the country. Take a look.

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    Aamir Khan seems to be explaining something with a lot of vigour at a Talaash press conference in Lucknow.

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    Aamir Khan talking to the media during a promotional event of his upcoming movie Talaash in Jaipur on Sunday.

Aamir Khan's recent release might deal with the supernatural, but he himself does not believe in such paranormal stories. The actor had to address this query quite often while promoting his latest release, Talaash, and in the course of one such interaction, a news channel official dared him to visit Bhangarh.

This rural town made up of fort ruins in Rajasthan, has been rumoured to be haunted for decades. Apparently, it has even been rated as one of the scariest places to visit in India. According to locals, this is why tourists are not allowed to enter the area after sunset and before sunrise.  

"When Aamir was informed about the tales and stories surrounding Bhangarh, he got a bit curious and agreed to visit Bhangarh," says a source close to the actor. "Since then, he has been very interested in this place. He has been wondering why everyone is so scared to visit it. And now that the film is out, he has some time to take up this challenge seriously."

The actor is planning to visit the fort in the next few days. "He will first fly to Jaipur and then take a road trip to the medieval town," informs the source.

Though Aamir remained unavailable for a comment on the matter, his spokesperson confirmed the news on his behalf: "Aamir's dates are being worked out for his trip to Bhangarh. He is a rationalist and doesn't believe in the supernatural at all. However, he is very curious as a person and hence wants to see this place for himself."

Of ghost stories and curses
Located between Jaipur and Delhi, Bhangarh in Rajasthan is rumoured to be the only tourist site in the country where the government has officially prohibited entry after sunset and before sunrise. Various documentaries have also attempted to capture the essence of this 'cursed' city.


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