And now a video of the 'darkest period' of Angelina's life

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  • Updated: Jul 11, 2014 16:48 IST

Angelina Jolie is a stressful state in a still from the video.

A video of actor Angelina Jolie under the influence of hard drugs is floating on the internet.

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The clip was reportedly shot by Angie’s dealer in 1999, who revealed he’d often “supply her with heroine and cocaine two-three times a week”.

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In the clip, the Hollywood icon can be seen with bloodshot eyes, an emaciated frame, frantically pacing the room while in a convoluted phone chat with her actor-father, Jon Voight. Angie has often referred to her drug-phase as the “darkest period” of her life.

The actor has since then recovered drastically from the bad phase and is now an ambassador for UN, an award winning actor and mother to six children with partner Brad Pitt.


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