Anti-drugs campaigners bash Miley over 5 foot bong on Twitter

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  • Updated: Aug 20, 2014 16:56 IST
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Pop star Miley Cyrus, who has been open about her cannabis use, is being criticised by anti-drug campaigners for posting a video featuring a giant marijuana pipe on her social networking site.

Cyrus uploaded a video of the five foot-long bong on her Twitter page Monday with the caption: "Five foot bong almost complete."

The pipe is decorated with colourful beads, flowers and plastic toys, and campaigners fear Cyrus is making drug use seem acceptable to youngsters, reports

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Said Marolin Watson, of drug education charity Hope UK: "A relaxed attitude to drug taking may be fashionable among some celebrities, but they need to remember their younger fans, whose brains and bodies may be permanently damaged by drug use.

"Miley's five foot bong looks like a child's construction and gives completely the wrong impression about the risks associated with the use of recreational drugs like cannabis."


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