Arjun Kapoor needs a girlfriend, feels dad

Arjun Kapoor at a store opening.

On the heels of a successful film — which, coincidentally was a love story — Arjun Kapoor says he now has time to really fall in love. In this chat, he talks about that and working with his father, Boney Kapoor. 

Your contemporaries are either dating or married. What’s your status?
I have never said no to that. My priority was work, because I was trying to set myself up firmly since it’s a very competitive field. Now, perhaps I can afford to do one film at a time while last year I was doing three. I am in a better place to divide my time, and balance my priorities. Now I can give time (to my love life). Hopefully, I’ll find somebody.

Do you discuss your dating life with your dad?
Of course I will inform him if I find someone whom I am serious about. He will be more than happy because I think he is silently looking forward to finding out when I have a girlfriend.

So you’ve never had a girlfriend?
I have had. Dad will be elated when I start dating; he’d want me to lead a settled life now. He keeps checking up on me, (asking) if I am dating someone, in his own way. I’m at that age now.

You’ve joined the Rs 100 crore club. How have things changed?
Box office performance is a sign of acceptance for an actor. I am happy that Two States has done good business. It allows me to be more impulsive about selecting films. You don’t change, but people around you react differently. Now, you are a more valuable commodity to people. There is a certain perception that comes with it, where they say, ‘Okay, he is more saleable now.’

You are working with your father. Is that an emotional experience?
I’ve grown up on my father’s sets. The kind of passion and excitement with which he talks and makes cinema is incredible. Whatever I know about cinema is because of him. I haven’t spent that much time with him since mom and he separated. But now, he gets to see me on the sets and watch me work. We were shooting in Agra and he was in the room next to me. I haven’t had that experience in 15 years.

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