Bachelor Rahul Bose 'endorsing' matrimonial website?

  • Roshmila Bhattacharya, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Aug 29, 2012 20:30 IST

Rahul Bose- The 44 year old actor once dated Koel Poorie but has been single for a long time now.

Leafing through a newspaper on a flight from Delhi, Rahul Bose was surprised to see his own face staring at him from an ad for matrimonial website

“They’d shamelessly lifted an image from my film, Mumbai Matinee (2003), promising that if you’re ‘young, sauve (sic) and single’ they could find you a match,” laughs the actor, who at 45, is still a bachelor.

Rahul tweeted about it and sympathisers immediately volunteered to play matchmakers, suggesting tongue-in-cheek that maybe he should endorse the website.

Is he now giving matrimony serious thought then?

“I’ve been begging for it for the last 20 years and had given up on it. My epitaph would read ‘He died single!’ But this has boosted my chances of a fashionable wedding to which I can invite all the TV channels. Maybe I should stand in front of Flora Fountain with the ad, though I will underline the word ‘sauve’ and interchange the a and u so people know I mean ‘suave’,” the actor deadpans. “It could just spark off a movement.”

He agrees that the use of the movie still without his or the producer’s (Pritish Nandy Communications) consent is illegal, but he has no intentions of moving court.

He says, “We’re getting too serious about everything. I’d rather laugh this off as something bizarre and hilarious!”


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