Come, fall in love with my natural scent!

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  • Updated: May 02, 2012 02:12 IST

A happy couple (Representational Pic)

Forget investing in fancy perfume because as per the organisers of America’s latest craze — the Pheromone Party — your natural scent could help you land a date. After an initial test event in New York in 2010, the Pheromone Party hit Los Angeles earlier this month, inviting single males and females to let prospective partners smell their worn T-shirts to decide which scent they found most attractive.

The concept is based on the scientific theory that pheromones can trigger sexual attraction and works as follows: guests are invited to sleep for three nights in a row in a cotton T-shirt to capture their ‘odour print’; they then bring the T-shirt to the pheromone party and then declare if they like the smell or not.


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