David Beckham welcomes tourists to Britain in just his briefs

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  • Updated: Aug 03, 2012 16:03 IST

Giant images of David Beckham in his famous briefs have been projected onto the White Cliffs of Dover to welcome tourists flying into Britain.

Three images of the football star in his white H and M pants were projected onto the famous landmark, but sadly for his female fans, it was just a one-off stunt, the Daily Mail reported.

http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/HTEditImages/Images/david-beckham-underwear.jpgThe impressive illumination is part of PR activity to promote his body wear line, which launched at the high-street store in February.

When the jaw-dropping campaign was first revealed, complaints were raised that the pictures were “offensive” and “irresponsible.”

But it seems as though the twitterati are strongly in favour of the campaign and the social networking site is already buzzing with #beckhamsbriefsofdover, a hashtag which is set to be trending worldwide in just a matter of time.


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