Duchess of Cambridges' sister Pippa's relationship with Nico is no fling!

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  • Pippa Middleton

    A look at socialite Pippa Middleton's journey right from her bridesmaid's dress at the royal wedding to controversial pictures leaking on the web.

  • Pic: Pippa's dress and figure

    On the day of Kate Middleton's wedding, Pippa's dress and figure managed to grab as much attention as her sister's if not more. It is ...

  • Pic: Pippa 'dirty dancing'

    Pippa grabbed headlines when an old picture of her 'dirty dancing' with her boyfriend resurfaced. She even got mistaken for a pornstar later!

  • Pic: Best Man Prince Harry and Bridesmaid Pippa

    Soon after the royal wedding, rumours were rife that Best Man Prince Harry and Bridesmaid Pippa had been spotted flirting.

  • Pic: Pippa ultimate fashionista

    Pippa Middleton

  • Pic: Pippa pro-anorexia

    Believed to be a 'thinspiration', Pippa Middleton has been used as an advertisement by pro-anorexia sites.

  • Pic: Pippa's tanned complexion

    Pippa's complexion dubbed as 'Royal Mocha' was recently named the most desirable skin tone by a new study.

  • Pic: Pippa-dress

    It is believed that Pippa may find herself a new celebrity suitor at this year's V Festival.

  • Pic: Pippa's butt

    Pippa's butt became and continues to be talk of the town. She has even popularised the Pilates exercise routine considerably!

It seems Pippa Middleton's friendship with Nico Jackson is more than just a fling.

It was a Middleton family outing as Pippa and her parents attended a high society wedding in rural Scotland - and there was even room for Nico, an investment banker, reports dailymail.co.uk.

Two of Pippa's oldest friends, Rowena Macrae and Julian Osborne, tied the knot at the lavish ceremony in Perthshire, where the Duchess of Cambridge's 30-year-old sister was accompanied by Nico, even as rumours of their own engagement remain rife.

Pippa, who came to the wedding wearing a cat dress by Suzannah and with a bag by Emmy London, met Rowena on a course at the prestigious 3,600 pounds-a-month cookery school The Grange, in Frome, Somerset. Pippa attended the culinary college on her gap-year before university and the two have remained close since.

Pippa has been with Nico, 36, for 18-months and their increasing number of cosy public appearances are fuelling suspicions that they could be ready to get married themselves.

Pippa met Nico, originally from Folkestone, Kent, who made his millions at Deutsche Bank, on a skiing trip.


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