Govinda has not met Sanjay Dutt for eight years

He has acted in many movies with Sanjay Dutt, 53, in the nineties and early 2000s, but lost touch with the actor along the way. Now, with Sanjay being sentenced to five years in prison, Govinda, 49, is trying hard to get back in touch with his friend.

“Ever since I left politics, I’ve not been able to meet Sanjay. The last time I met him was after the death of his father, Sunil Dutt, in 2005,” says Govinda.

“People ask me why I didn’t think of making a comeback with Sanjay and chose to work with Salman instead. The truth is, Sanjay and I were supposed to act together in a movie, but an important meeting for that film got cancelled and eventually the project got shelved. Things have just not worked out,” he adds.

Govinda’s latest attempts of contacting Sanjay, he says, have been futile. “I tried contacting him after the Supreme Court’s verdict. But he was out for a holy visit. But I hope to meet him before he surrenders.”

Both the actors starred together in a host of movies and delivered several hits, such as Haseena Maan Jaayegi (1999), Jodi No. 1 (2001) and Ek Aur Ek Gyarah (2003).

In 2008, there were reports of the two teaming up for a project by filmmaker Subhash Ghai, but the project never saw the light of the day.

Won’t work with Sanjay Dutt (Reuters)
In a rare outburst, veteran actor Nana Patekar has said that he will never work with Sanjay Dutt or watch his films.

“That is the punishment I can give him from my side,” the 62-year-old actor told a Marathi news channel. “The nature of his crime is horrible. Why should justice be meted out differently for him?” Patekar added.


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