He is as pure a person as his heart: Govinda on Salman Khan

Buzz has been that all’s not well between Salman Khan and Govinda in recent times. Here, Govinda clears the air.

Apparently, Salman wasn’t happy when you turned down the Hero (1983) remake.
He doesn’t form relationships based on films. My relationship with him is special. He is as pure a person as his heart.

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There were also reports that problems arose as he didn’t launch your daughter, Narmada Ahuja.
I never spoke to Salman about launching Narmada. I don’t know where such talks have come from. They have a very solid chacha-bhatijee (uncle-niece) relationship.


There were reports that you and Salman have patched up.
We have known each other from the time we started our careers. When I came out of politics, I was in a dire situation but Salman was the one who stood by me. I was under a lot of debt too and he was a huge support. Whatever he did was with a lot of respect. That’s why I feel bad when such things are written without any reason. I make sure that our relationship isn’t damaged or tarnished. I overlook such reports. If a person has stood by me during tough times, it’s more than enough. Then, I can never forget his deeds. And Salman has been with me for eight to nine years now. That’s why I praise him a lot.

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Are there any projects with him in the pipeline?
There is a film which I had turned down before, but he has got the story reworked multiple times for me. I met him and discussed the script. But let them [the film’s team] make an official announcement.


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