Huma Qureshi calls for Aurat Bandh

Actress Huma Qureshi

Like all of India, actor Huma Qureshi too, is livid about the recent bus gangrape in Delhi.  However, what upsets the actor most are suggestions that women should stay indoors to prevent such incidents and she is now calling for an ‘aurat bandh’.

“We should start an ‘aurat bandh’ campaign. One day, all women should decide that they will not work, they will stay indoors, shut themselves in and not do anything. And then I want to see how this country functions. If the solution to this is ‘don’t go out late’ or ‘don’t wear this’, then if a person goes out wearing a diamond earring and someone pulls it out and steals it, that too should be justified,” she says, adding, “Let’s give these hypocrites what they want. Go on a bandh!”

The Gangs Of Wasseypur girls faces the ugly truth: “While in Delhi, I went to Gargi college and sometimes we walked and there would be men standing there and flashing in broad daylight. It was scary and the solution unfortunately was ‘Don’t walk to college’. Yes, I love Delhi but I feel a lot safer in Mumbai.”


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