I don't like to talk about SRK anymore: Priyanka Chopra

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  • Updated: Jun 21, 2012 13:51 IST
  • SRK-Priyanka

    Shah Rukh Khan is caught in candid moments with Priyanka Chopra, who blushes at the very sight of him. Gauri Khan won't be too pleased ...

  • SRK-Priyanka

    Shah Rukh Khan can be seen cosying up with Priyanka Chopra.

  • SRK-Priyanka

    Priyanka looks more than happy with her favourite star.

  • Priyanka-Shah Rukh

    Priyanka-Shah Rukh caught in a candid moment.

  • SRK-PC

    We wonder what Gauri Khan would have to say about this picture.

  • Priyanka

    Priyanka gives a peek at her toned legs through the high slit of the gown.

  • Priyanka

    Priyanka flaunts her sexy back in the backless gown.

  • Shah-Rukh-Hrithik-Priyanka

    Shah-Rukh-Hrithik lift Priyanka at the Just Dance finale.

  • Hrithik and Deepika

    The Just Dance finale got a dose of Bollywood jhatkas and matkas as Deepika Padukone took to the dance stage. Here's a look at the ...

  • Deepika

    Deepika poses with Farah and Vaibhavi.

Fed up of linking rumours with King Khan, Priyanka Chopra tells Filmfare that she would keep mum as far as Shah Rukh Khan is concerned. The actress adds there's no tension between the two, and SRK is as heart-warming as ever.

On being asked if she now hesitates talking about SRK to media, Priyanka Chopra told the magazine: "Definitely. Now I don’t talk about him at all. I’ve always respected, emulated and idolised him but I don’t like to talk about it anymore."

Any tension between the two? "None whatsoever. SRK is as heart-warming as ever. He recently came on my show on a public platform. He was fun like he always is," the actress tells the magazine.

About tiff with star wives
"Look, if an actor doesn’t want to work with me, he won’t. I don’t want to get into whether he won’t because his wife or director has warned him against it or he himself is averse to it."

Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra

"If someone doesn’t want to work with me, it’s okay. I’ll find a smaller film to do, I’m a heroine and I’m small compared to all the big heroes. I conduct myself with dignity and that’s what matters," Priyanka adds.


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