I don't think women can have it all, says Drew Barrymore

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  • Updated: Apr 06, 2013 18:02 IST

Music & Lyrics star Drew Barrymore celebrates her birthday on February 22.

Drew Barrymore has said that she has had to give up so much, since she gave birth to her daughter Olive last September.

But the 38-year-old actress told Us magazine at Lucky Magazine's Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference in Beverly Hills, California, on Thursday that she wouldn't trade the time with her daughter for anything.

She said that there are sometimes things people invested a lot of time into or cared so much about, and then they get to the precipice and then they are like, "I can't do it," but she thinks that it is a lot about sacrifice.

She asserted that she knows that it seems like she does everything, but there's so much that she has had to give up and she is glad that she did.

The blonde star said that a woman knows that she is going to miss out on her kid's upbringing or realizes that her relationship will suffer if she works night and day and weekends.

She said that unfortunately, she was raised in the generation where Women can have it all, but she didn't think that a woman can.

She added that a person has to choose their battles.


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