I married Veena within ten days of meeting her: Asad Bashir Khan

Veena Malik performs during the promotion of The City That Never Sleeps in Mumbai on January 23, 2013. (AFP PHOTO)

Pakistani actor Veena Malik’s (now Veena Khan Khattak) sudden wedding to singer-businessman Asad Bashir Khan was as much a surprise to her, reveals Veena’s much-in-love hubby. Khan says that he popped the question to Malik within 10 days of meeting her.

“It was love at first sight for me. That is why we’re married so soon. We met at the US Embassy in Dubai on December 15 last year, and five days later, we were sitting on the beach and I told her that I love you and I want to marry you. And one wouldn’t believe that it was so filmy... she said yes, and it started raining. And, it hardly rains in Dubai, so it was lovely,” says Khan, who lives between Dubai and US.

The couple’s fathers served in the Pakistani army together and have been friends for long, though Khan and Malik had never met before. “A lot of people told me ‘Veena is this...that blah blah’, but I didn’t listen. For me, she’s the prettiest girl on earth and she is not afraid of anything. She says what’s on her mind and I really like her simplicity and sincerity. For now, we’re going to the US and will be back later this month, after which, we’re off for our honeymoon to Europe,” he says.


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