I’ve had enough of Shah Rukh: Farah Khan

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  • Updated: Feb 01, 2012 01:21 IST
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    Shah Rukh Khan

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    It's not just Salman's bodyguard who's loyal to him. SRK's three bodyguards reportedly joined him while thrashing Shirish.

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    Sanjay Dutt stood by his new friend SRK.

  • Sanjay Dutt

    Don's Kancha Cheena joins him: Sanjay Dutt who was also present at the do reportedly thrashed Shirish Kunder too who sent lewd messages to his ...

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    Joker director Shirish Kunder.

  • Farah Khan

    Farah also spoke to a television channel. "Shirish, my husband, was beaten up by Shah Rukh and his three bodyguards in Sanjay Dutt's party. Shah ...

  • Farah Khan

    Main Hoon Na, Shirish!: Farah Khan stood by hubby Shirish. She SMSed to reporters saying,  "Shahrukh has always told me that physical abuse is the ...

  • Sanjay Dutt

    Munnabhai sorts it out: When things got out of hand, Sanjay Dutt had to intervene to stop the brawl.

  • Twitter

    Twitter world is abuzz with jokes on Shirish Kunder. @MTVIndia tweeted, "Dear Shirish Kunder, Kha.One Regards, Shah Rukh Khan."

A bitter Farah Khan is in no mood to stay quiet — or mince words. The filmmaker, extremely upset about actor Shah Rukh Khan allegedly beating up her husband Shirish Kunder at a party on Sunday, has vowed to sever all ties with Shah Rukh. ”Things have gone too far this time. I’ve had enough of Shah Rukh and his lies now. I’m appalled by what all he is saying,” she says.

The alleged assault took place at a Mumbai nightclub on Sunday, where actor Sanjay Dutt was having a party to celebrate the success of his film, Agneepath.

When asked if the provocation for the incident was indeed Kunder’s insulting tweets about Shah Rukh’s ambitious film, Ra.One, she said “It was just a tweet … so, is Shah Rukh going to hit everyone now?” Shah Rukh, meanwhile, maintained a stoic silence on the matter and tweeted about shooting a public service campaign to promote ‘peace and harmony’.

Shirish Kunder, present at the party, alleged that Shah Rukh beat him in front of everyone without any provocation. “I have decided that I don’t want to hear Shah Rukh’s name anymore, after this. There has to be something fundamentally wrong with him to resort to physical violence.”

SRK Farah

Twitter, however, saw a rare sympathy wave for Shah Rukh Khan, with a large number of jokes targetting Kunder and poking fun at the incident. “Dear Shirish Kunder. Kha.One. Regards, Shah Rukh Khan,” tweeted MTVIndia. “Shirish-SRK patch up … to make Ra.One sequel. MaRa.One,” read a tweet by @indiarama.

Anyone in SRK’s place would do it
Farah and Shah Rukh in happier times (File Photo)
Actor Ameesha Patel, who was one of the guests at the party where the alleged fight  between SRK and Shirish took place, sides with SRK. She says, “I had left the party well before all this transpired. But I am told there was no assault and just a verbal attack ... I am glad Shah Rukh gave it off to Shirish. He has been maintaining a very dignified silence all this while. Anyone in his place would get frustrated and it would get to you… If someone kept insulting me for so long, it would get to me too.”

She adds, “I have been looking at Shirish’s tweets and they are quite negative and very uncalled for. Shah Rukh has done a lot for Farah, and Shirish is ultimately known as her husband …he is now ruining it for her as well. She has got caught because of her silly husband. Ra.One was a very sincere effort ... Shah Rukh put in sweat and blood in the film. Whose films don’t flop? Farah’s biggest hits were with Shah Rukh and the one film she made without him flopped. He has given hit after hit and proved himself ... he is a senior. Juniors who are not even a patch on SRK should respect him instead of saying such things.”

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