Imran-Kareena: Bonding in LA

Hi da hi my crispy pakodas and pakodis! How goes it in your duniya? It’s pretty hectic in mine, I tell you… thanks to the loadsa things lined up for me to do today. So without wasting my breath and your time on inconsequential idhar-udhar ki baatein, let’s get straight to your dose of daily goss. So read on, sweetums…

For starters, it seems Kareena Kapoor has grown fond of Imran Khan. The two have started shooting for common friend Karan Johar’s next production, tentatively titled Short Term Shaadi in Los Angeles.

According to Sher Lock Holmes, the Kapoor kudi doesn’t rush to her van after shots. Instead, she hangs around at the set, to give her new Khan dost the cues for his solo portions.

Even during the breaks, Bebo and Imran have their khaana-peena together, as against eating akele-akele in their vans, I’m told. The lissome lass, who will next be seen with Imran’s mamu Aamir Khan in Reema Kagti’s suspense thriller after 3 Idiots, seems to be bonding big time with the bhanja.

And to think that at one time, there were doubts as to which  of the two films she would opt out of due to clashing of dates. But now that she’s working with the uncle and nephew, Bebo sure is enjoying the experience of working with the best of both the generations. Badhiya hai!

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