Lady Gaga's latest outfit is pyramid mask made of hair!

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  • Updated: Oct 25, 2013 18:16 IST

Singer Lady Gaga arrives at a nightclub in Berlin, Germany to promote her latest album 'Artpop'. (Reuters Photo)

Lady Gaga was spotted wearing a yellow belted trench-coat under a long-sleeved fur bolero and a giant pyramid covering her head outside the Ritz Carlton hotel in Berlin.

The 27-year-old actress, known for her odd attires, had an inverted triangle, which looked like being made from matted blonde hair, balanced on her head with a gold bar placed over her chin and giant fur sleeves resembling an animal draped over her shoulders.

There were even two tiny eyeholes pierced through the mask, but the singer still held onto a man's arm for guidance, the Daily Star reported.

The, Applause hitmaker, who was there to promote her latest album, Artpop, had worn her favourite skyscraper heeled boots with the bizarre outfit.


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