Life’s getting back to normal: Shiney Ahuja

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    Shiney Ahuja returns to Bollywood after three years with horror flick Ghost, also starring Sayali Bhagat. The film marks B-Town debut of Russian actor Julia ...

  • Ghost movie stills

    Ghost is a horror film revolving around a love story.

  • Ghost movie stills

    It's written and directed by Puja Jatinder Bedi.

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    Russian actor Julia Bliss will sport a bikini in the film.

  • Ghost movie stills

    Julia Bliss plays the role of a girl possessed by a spirit.

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    Ghost is touted as one of the scariest flicks in B-Town.

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    The censor board has asked the director to edit 4-5 gory scenes.

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    "The censor board cut one of the most important scenes in my film. It's a scene where the ghost gets crucified like Jesus Christ. The ...

  • Ghost movie stills

    The movie hits screens on January 13.

  • Ghost movie stills

    Shiney Ahuja hopes Ghost will resurrect his career.

The last two years have been difficult for actor Shiney Ahuja and his family, but they are now moving on.

With his film Ghost opening today, the family will now file an application in the Mumbai High Court for an early hearing of their appeal in the rape case that Shiney was convicted in.

His wife, Anupam, says, “In the normal course, it can take several months or years. We would not like to wait that long.”

Shiney, 37, who is currently out on bail, adds, “The trial has to come. I know I am innocent. I have faith in God. I have faith that the person sitting there is also God’s person.”

The actor was sentenced to seven years imprisonment last year for allegedly raping his domestic help in 2009.

The family says that they were shocked that the judgment was against Shiney despite the fact that the complainant had turned hostile during the trial.

The actor’s Noida-based father Suraj Ahuja, speaking on the episode for the first time, says, “I was completely lost, shattered, broken ... I didn’t know what to do... but lots of fans sent us letters for support, giving us instances from the case that could prove Shiney was innocent.”

And what about those who did not stand by them?

“They don’t know us personally and got carried away. I don’t blame them. As a father, I don’t even want my enemy to suffer how I did,” he says.

Shiney says he is learning to get on with life “When I went out in Delhi, people came and hugged me and said that never for once did they believe I was guilty.”

Adds Anupam, “It is tremendous and feels really nice that he is coming back to the silver screen. We are on our way to normaly again.”


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