Madonna insecure about her thighs

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  • Updated: Nov 27, 2012 18:37 IST
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Madonna’s new fitness trainer has revealed that the pop star has body hang ups just like most other women.

Nicole Winhoffer has said that the 54-year-old punishes herself in the gym, as she’s not body-confident when it comes to her thighs, which she thinks are fat.

“We're all born with an area we're insecure about and she thinks it's her thighs so we spend a lot of time moulding and sculpting. She works very hard on it,” the Daily Star quoted Winhoffer as telling New! Magazine.

Nicole has worked with Madonna for three years, and says she trains for between one and two hours every day solo as well as with her dancers and backing singers who are on tour with her.

Speaking about the workout routine she follows with the star, Nicole said: "I look to tighten the back of the arms, to cinch the waist, to flatten the lower abdominals, to work on the inner and outer definition of the thighs and to raise the butt.

"[Its all about] burning calories and achieving muscle tone."

Nicole also admits she is impressed by Madonna's dedication and work ethic, training so hard while also working and being a full time mother to Lourdes, 16, Rocco, 12, David, seven and Mercy, six.

''''She's in the gym five or six days a week as well as being a full-time mother. So if I feel a bit low I just look to her and think, ''If she can do it, I have no excuse’,” she added.


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