‘Marrying Twinkle was my OMG moment'

  • The journey of this ordinary boy from Chandni Chowk — who has worked as a waiter at a restaurant in Bangkok — to becoming one ...

  • MR LONG LOCKS (1991): Akshay's hairstyle in the 90s was as static as his dressing style. Long hair, loose shirts and denims defined his style ...

  • SHORT 'N' SWEET (2002): A refreshing change was Akshay's cropped hair. Even his fashion choices improved and the actor's rugged look caught on.

  • A TOUCH OF GOLD (2007): Getting experimental, Akshay shed his nonchalant look for golden hair in Namaste London. He continued to flaunt the look later ...

  • COOL CREW (2008): The actor rocked the crew cut that he sported during the first season of TV show, Khatron ke Khiladi. It added to ...

  • AKKI, THE GEEK (2010): For his role in Action Replayy, Akshay began wearing geek glasses and colourful clothes.

  • THE STYLE ICON (2012): The fact that Akki wants to be a 'man' in today's metrosexual world is reflected in his choice of clothes - ...

Far from the daredevil stunts and action sequences that he is known for, Akshay Kumar’s next flick, OMG (Oh my God!), also produced by him, is a comedy drama about God and man’s faith. The actor opens up about his equation with God and how some moments changed his life for good.

‘My OMG moments’
There are OMG moments every day in our lives. The beauty is in making the most of them. Some of the great moments in my life have been passing exams, never having my nose broken when I took up karate and completing seven Khiladi movies (it will be eight soon). But most importantly, marrying Tina (wife Twinkle Khanna), the woman of my dreams and becoming a father to my son, Aarav. 

‘Why pay to worship?’  
My equation with God is one of respect. Making Oh My God! changed my perception. I think, if God is everywhere, why spend lakhs to visit religious places in the hope that God will acknowledge your devotion more? Why pay to worship him when you can feed helpless children?

‘I pray in my garden’
For me, faith is more important than religion. I visit temples, churches, mosques, gurdwaras, caves and cliffs because at these places, I feel pure. However, my favourite place for worshipping remains my house garden from where I can look at the God’s gracious sea, with my family sleeping peacefully behind me.

‘Never gave up faith’
I’ve never lost faith in God, not even when my father died. That would have been a weakness. What I love about India is that even starving people feed God before feeding themselves. No one gives up faith because of circumstances. 


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