Michael Jackson dropped pants in front of staff

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  • Updated: Apr 27, 2013 17:01 IST

Michael Jackson’s former body-guard, Michael LaPerruque, has revealed that the late singer was a secret flasher, who used to drop his pants in front of staff.

LaPerruque, is a retired LA police officer and was a bodyguard for Jackson and his children for 15 years, the Daily Star reported.

The 55-year-old told the publication that one day he got called into Jackson’s hotel room and they were in his bedroom when he was talking about having a rash on the back of his legs.

“He says: ‘It’s itchy... da-da-da-da,’ LaPerruque said.

The body-guard said that while Jackson was talking to him, the King of Pop  just dropped his pyjama bottoms.

LaPerruque added that he just stood looking at Jackson and he kept on talking about the rash on the back of his legs.


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