Michael Jackson not biological father of his children?

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  • Updated: May 06, 2013 15:25 IST

Michael Jackson was so obsessed about having a perfect family that he acted like Dr Frankenstein and reportedly used sperm of good looking, intelligent people for his children Prince, Paris and Blanket.

British actor Mark Lester, 54, has claimed that he was the father of Jackson's three children while another former aide believes that the former child star is one of six men who could be the children's biological father, the Daily Star reported.

Jackson may have used another former child star, a doctor, a close family friend and an employee at his Neverland ranch to create his family as he worked with fertility experts to produce the children through top-class genetic engineering labs, the newspaper claimed.

The family aide, who has known Jackson and his family for over 20 years, insists that late pop star's ex-wife Debbie Rowe carried the fertilised embryos for him after the eggs were artificially inseminated in a laboratory.

Rowe gave birth to Prince Michael, 16, and Paris, 15 while Blanket, 11, was born to another surrogate mother who had no idea Jackson would be the father.

"Michael saw himself as the father of the creation of his kids, but is not medically their father. He had this dream that his kids should be from the greatest genetics. And he was adamant that his kids came from intelligent, respected, healthy genes.

"His drug problems also played a major role as he knew his sperm may be damaged. Once he made his decisions he locked the results in a safety deposit box."                

Rowe remains tight-lipped about the details after a deal with Jackson, who died in 2009 following an an overdose of anaesthetic drug propofol.


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