My man should be as successful as I am: Bipasha Basu

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    Bollywood actor Bipasha Basu stands near the autorickshaws during the promotion of her upcoming horror flick Raaz 3 in Mumbai recently. (PTI Photo)

  • bipasha

    Bipasha Basu is busy hanging nimbu-mirchi on autorickshaws for Raaz 3 as a part of promotions.

  • bipasha

    Bipasha Basu poses during a promotional event for her film Raaz 3 in Mumbai recently. (AFP Photo)

  • Bipasha Basu

    Bipasha Basu seduces and scares at the same time in Raaz 3 trailers. The movie that releases next week will see the bongshell with Emraan ...

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    Bips wears a traditional Bengali sari while promoting Raaz 3.

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    A cake depicts Emraan romancing Bipasha and Esha.

  • Bipasha and Emraan

    Bipasha and Emraan pose with the special Raaz 3 cake.

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    Bipasha doesn't look like her character though.

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    Bipasha poses with her mom and dad.

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    Bipasha Basu performs a puja.

A heartbreak and a dead end to a nine-year-relationship later, Bipasha Basu says that she now knows the kind of man she wants.

“I never had a prototype in mind earlier, but now I do. He should be intelligent, should be able to make me laugh and should be as successful as I am. But I am not looking. I am sure if I look, there are good men in life,” says the actor, riding high on the massive opening of her recent release Raaz 3.
Bipasha Basu

She has talked about her heartbreak following a split with John Abraham in recent interviews, calling herself ‘an abandoned woman’. “I went into a shell after the relationship that I worked so hard on, got over, overnight. I’d stood by my man for 9 years and felt abandoned when it ended. It was painful, I just went into a phase of isolation” she says. She’s also not taken too kindly to filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s recent remark that ‘she is not as safe’ as she was ten years ago, alluding to the fact that she’s grown old.

“Ten years ago, I was a debutant and I wasn’t safe at all. There’s nothing called ‘safe’ today. Salman Khan who has a Rs 200 crore film, was low three years back and was doing no films,” she says, adding that the idea of loss of fame has crossed her mind.

“I think that once all this gets over and the fame goes away, what am I gonna feel. I don’t have an answer, but I’d be sad.”


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