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No girlie men please

Check out what turns off the buxom beauties. Face off: Men turn to plastic

tabloid Updated: Jul 04, 2006 12:55 IST

Money, sex, love...women's wish list seems to be never ending. But above all this, girls look for men who are more masculine looking. No girlie men please!

Of late, with loads of emphasis on looks, more men are turning metrosexual. Taking care of their nails to trying various ways to enhance their look seems to be gaining importance but unfortunately this does not impress women, guys!

Atleast, that's what some buxom beauties seem to believe. Let's know what they have to say.

A man is known for his strong body and sturdy look. I have never liked metroseuxal men. If a man is more concerned about his eye-lashes and eye-brows, what's the difference between men and women? I don't think he is better than a woman. A man should be strong-willed with robust body and muscles. I always go for a man who is tough rather than someone regularly attending beauty parlours for getting a face lift. A man is identified with his manly appearance.

Metrosexuality among men has never been according to the social norms. I never feel going for such a man, rather people are a turn off. A man should not fall for beauty tips just on the cost of his manliness. I respect and recognize 

someone who is intelligent rather than one who has taken all minute care of his looks and style.

The item girl too feels that the culture of metrosexuality doesn't go well with our tradition. "We have a tradition that men give lot of emphasis on tough work out and strong convictions. Following beauty tips for looking good doesn't gel well with our culture. If I have to choose between someone who is cultured and the one who is more of a metrosexual kind, I will go for the former," states Koena.