Nobody calls her Ash, her name is Aishwarya, says Abhishek

At Subhash Ghai’s party on October 24, which was held to celebrate his wife Rehana’s birthday, Jaya Bachchan reportedly snapped at photographers for addressing her daughter-in-law as ‘Aishwarya’. Jaya was quoted by a publication saying, “Kya Aishwarya , Aishwarya bula rahe ho, tumhare class me padhti thi kya?

(Why are you calling her Aishwarya? Is she your classmate?). Though a lot of hullaballoo was created around Jaya’s reaction at the time, Abhishek Bachchan has come out to support his mother.

Interestingly, while the video on the net clearly shows Jaya objecting to her daughter-in-law being called ‘Aishwarya’, Abhishek insists that his mother didn’t want the photographers to call her by her popular nickname ‘Ash’.

“Nobody calls her Ash. Her name is Aishwarya. And that’s what my mother said,” says Abhishek, while explaining why his mom snapped that day.

Like Jaya, Abhishek too believes that the photographers were not Aishwarya’s friends and should have addressed her in a more dignified manner. He says, “She wasn’t in your school that you think of her as your best friend.”


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