Pregnant teen uses Facebook to get back at Australian Rules footballers

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  • Updated: Dec 21, 2010 13:18 IST

An Australian teenager on Tuesday caused a row by posting nude photos of Australian Rules footballers on the Internet, in the latest scandal to afflict the sport.

Kim Duthie, 17, said she uploaded the pictures on her Facebook page as an act of revenge, claiming she fell pregnant to a player but was poorly treated by the sport's bosses.

"I just wanted to get back at them basically because... just the way I was treated by the AFL, it wasn't right," she told ABC radio in Melbourne.

"I just want something to be done. I want the AFL and the clubs to realise I'm not just another girl who they can just sweep under the carpet."

Duthie posted two pictures featuring three St. Kilda players, attracting thousands of new Facebook friends, before the club won a court injunction to have the page taken down.

However, the pictures had already appeared elsewhere on the Internet. Duthie claimed to have 21 compromising pictures of players from various clubs and threatened to start releasing them later on Monday.

The incident prompted an angry response from St. Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt, who was shown naked in one photograph. He said he had never met Duthie and did not know how she got the picture.

The image, he said, was snapped by a teammate during a holiday in the US last year and captured him shortly after waking up.

"I was aware of it being taken at the time and asked for it to be deleted and I assumed that it had been deleted," he said.

Any suggestion "that I would stand there and pose for a photograph naked, knowing that it was going to be kept, is just absolute garbage and offensive", Riewoldt told a press conference.

"That a person I have no association with has sought to impugn me is the cause of great distress to myself, my girlfriend, my family and my friends," he said.

The girl had complained to the Australian Football League this year that she had fallen pregnant to one of two players she had slept with, neither of them Riewoldt. But an investigation found the players did not act inappropriately.

Twitter users immediately leapt on the scandal, releasing an avalanche of comments under the tag #dickileaks.

The incident follows a series of sex and race controversies for Australian Rules, which is similar to Ireland's Gaelic football and based in Melbourne.


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