Priety Zinta reveals why she hid her face from paparazzi

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    Preity Zinta will be seen along with Salman Khan, who is doing a special appearance in the film.

  • Preity Zinta

    Preity Zinta looks fresh and young as ever in these new stills from her romantic film Ishkq in Paris.

  • Preity Zinta

    Preity Zinta in a dance number from her film Ishkq in Paris.

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    Preity Zinta is all set for a comeback after four years in Prem Soni's Ishkq in Paris. Preity was last seen in 2008 film Heroes.

  • Ishkq in Paris

    Preity Zinta looks fresh and bubbly.

  • Ishkq in Paris

    Ishkq in Paris, includes a scene that was shot on top of the Eiffel Tower, and that too, on a day that recorded the lowest ...

  • Ishkq in Paris

    Preity Zinta will be starring opposite Rhehan Malliek.

  • Ishkq in Paris

    With the literalist romantic backdrop of Paris, Preity Zinta looks set to paint the capital of love in a wild hue.

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    Newcomer Rhehan has the confidence to stand tall in front of an established actress like Preity Zinta. Looks like he can manage to pull off ...

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    Actor Salman Khan will also be seen in a cameo appearance in the film.

Recently, Priety Zinta was caught on camera by the increasingly growing and obsessive papparazzi.

The actress did not show her face to the camera and it was attributed to her look sans makeup.

An otherwise camera-friendly Preity Zinta made sure that photographers didn’t get her at the Mumbai airport on Sunday.

The cameras were stationed outside the airport because the buzz was that Ashton Kutcher would be seen, but the cameramen spotted an unsuspecting Priety Zinta in a loose tee and pyjamas and ran after her.

Priety is supposed to have hid her face with whatever she could, her hands, her face, her staff.

Clearly, her not-so-warm reception has not gone down well the Indian papparazzi.

Preity Zinta outside the Mumbai airport, hiding her face


So today, in a storm of aggressive tweets, the usually straightforward actress lashed out at the photographers and everybody who has criricised her for the incident.

Preity Zinta's tweet

In her first two tweets, @realprietyzinta says, "Sitting at home with a twisted ankle post the airport assault by photographers. First I shoot all night & get on the plane n then get pushed " and "Pushed n jumped on at the airport. It was raining so I slipped. Wasn't hiding my face was trying 2 recover frmthe shock of 40 camera flashes."

Next she tweets, "If photographers ask me politely I will oblige buy next time I will either attack some1 or then file a police complaint cuz THIS IS NOT FAIR."

Preity Zinta's tweet

Priety Zinta is known to be camera-friendly and this kind of behaviour seems unlikely from her. Maybe next time she will take some serious action if something similar were to recur.

With palpable rage, she then tweeted, "I am a human being not some animal in the ZOO ! If my security would have pushed them then news would report my staff assaulted the media!"

The generally chirpy actress tweeted, "And yes in the end I was pissed off so then I definitely didn't want 2 show my face. Last time my car was scratched n the side mirror broke"

She concluded with, " Telling u all this cuz all of u asking why I was hiding my face. Every story has 2 sides so here is my side of the story ... Grrrrrrrrr!" and "Thank god shooting for Ishkq in Paris is over otherwise I'd be hopping around with a twisted ankle. Now in meetings all day..(sic)."

Preity Zinta's tweet

Priety Zinta is coming back on the big screen after a hiatus with her home production Ishkq in Paris, co-starring Rhehan Malliek and Isabella Adjani, with Shekhar Kapoor and Salman Khan in cameos.

Priety Zinta is known to speak her mind and is rather appreciated in Bollywood for that. Let us see how many celebs support her on this one.


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