Salman Khan's sister defends Priyanka

  • Afsana Ahmed, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Jun 17, 2012 13:56 IST

Arpita Khan, 23, famous for being Salman Khan’s little sister, has opened up to HT in her first ever media interview.

The party-lover, who is believed to be befriended by whoever wishes to get close to Salman, says she never doubts her friendships. “I don’t begin anything new with doubts in my mind. There’s no need to be negative. I will take everyone at face value. Whoever is nice to me, I am nice to them,” says Arpita, who holds a degree in fashion marketing and management from London College of Fashion, and is currently working with a leading architectural and interior design firm.

Salman Khan with sister Arpita Khan.
She adds, “I wouldn’t like to see any motives in friendship. As it is, I have a fixed set of friends, a few of them from my childhood and a few actresses Salman bhai has worked with. I am friends with Sonam (Kapoor), Kangana (Ranaut), Priyanka (Chopra), and I am in touch with Katrina (Kaif) as well.”

Tell her that there were reports that PC warmed up to her only to patch up with Salman, and she shoots back, “I would like to defend PC on this. She and I go back a long way, when I was dating Arjun (actor Arjun Kapoor) and she was with Harman (Baweja). We are good friends, without benefits.” 

Priyanka Chopra at Karan Johar's birthday bash.
And, for her, it’s no pressure to be the li’l sister of one of the country’s most famous men. “I look at it as more of a blessing and a responsibility than pressure. Salman bhai is a huge star and we, as his family, represent him outside the industry. So whatever happens, we take it with a calm approach.” 

But Salman isn’t the brother she is closest to. “I’m closest to Sohail bhai! I have literally grown up with him. We share a very easy, fun relationship. As for Salman bhai, I love and respect him immensely. He is like a father figure. I would not like to cross the line with him.”

Ask her if she is still seeing Arjun Kapoor, and she says, “We broke up long ago! But we are friends and sometimes we are in touch. Otherwise, I am single.”


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