Singer Kailash Kher miffed at twitter jokes on his height

After actors Alok Nath and Neil Nitin Mukesh were joked about on social networking websites, it was the turn of singer Kailash Kher to be trolled online, and he has not taken kindly to it. The jokes took a dig at his height. “I think I can only blame bad upbringing for such crass humour. They are making fun of my height, but what they are forgetting is that my voice has more power,” said Kher, sounding clearly miffed.

He is, however, happy that his fans are standing in his support. “Kailash Kher has more talent in his little finger than most of us do in our entire body. Keep that in mind before ­joking about his height,” said one fan on Twitter, reacting to the many potshots.

“Kailash Kher can fit in a passport photograph,” went one of the demeaning tweets. “No matter how much Kailash Kher drinks ... He never gets high,” said ­another one. Kher, though, chooses to see the brighter side and thanks those who defended him. “I am touched by my fans’ ­support. They have taken the charge of stopping such jokes from being circulated. That is my real achievement,” said the 40-year-old.


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