Sonakshi Sinha on losing weight, and working out with Shahid's trainer

Bollywood actor Sonakshi Sinha.

Sonakshi Sinha may have brought curves back to Bollywood, but now, after losing oodles of weight, the young star seems like a new person. The 26-year-old sets the record straight on her new look and rumours of a link-up with her R... Rajkumar co-star, Shahid Kapoor.

How are you dealing with the link-up rumours between you and Shahid?
I’m not dealing with them. I sit at home, read what’s written, and then forget it. Frankly, people should stop making it awkward because there’s nothing to it.

But you’ve been working out with his trainer...
So? I’ve been working out with him since November. What has that got to do with him? It’s not like the trainer is bound to Shahid. I can workout with ­whoever I wish.

Tell us about your new look.
I’ve been under pressure for a while. People have been writing about my weight. But it never really bothered me earlier because it didn’t come from ­within. I’m doing it (losing weight) now for myself. I’ve been consistently working out since November. You can see the results now. That’s why everyone thinks I’m suddenly looking different.

You’ve also started ­experimenting with fashion.
My stylist, who is also my friend, studied fashion designing with me. I was the one topping all the classes while she was the naughtier one. But frankly, she’s the best stylist I have worked with. She understands my style and body type. Because of our friendship, she puts in the extra effort. Plus, now that I have lost weight, I have many more options. What didn’t look nice on me earlier looks good now because of my changed body.

Sona hires Shahid’s agency
The rumours of the alleged link-up between Sonakshi Sinha and Shahid Kapoor refuse to die down. While Sonakshi has admitted that she has been working out with Shahid’s ­trainer — and also attributed her new, slimmer look to him — we’ve now learnt that she has also signed on the same agency as Shahid. Insiders say that it was the actor who ­recommended the agency to Sonakshi since he was happy with their work.


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