Sonu Sood locks horns with Mumbai pub owner

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  • Updated: Feb 11, 2013 02:12 IST

Sonu Sood poses for shutterbugs. (AFP)

Producer Sheetal Talwar has filed a case of fraud against actor Sonu Sood. The conflict over a property that Sood rented to Talwar for one of the latter’s pub, has come to a flashpoint with neither party willing to relent.

“We rented this property in Yari Road (Mumbai) from Sonu Sood for my chain of pubs. Sonu said the land was completely clear of any legal dispute. I can show you all the documents and the false affidavit saying the land is all-clear,” said Talwar.

“But when we applied for licenses, we realised there was no clearance from the BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) and we were refused a license to start a bar. So, my bars in the Fort and Lower Parel areas of Mumbai have opened. But not in Yari Road, thanks to Sonu’s misrepresentation of the premise he rented to us. We kept paying rent to Sonu till June 2012 and then I told him to get me the licenses, and only then will I pay him more rent,” he added.

Now Talwar has imposed a case of fraudulency on Sonu, who denies all the accusations.

On Thursday, Sonu’s representatives reclaimed the property leased to Talwar and put their lock on it. On his part, Talwar has taken action against the act.

Sonu has another story to tell. He says after a lot of dilly-dallying, Talwar signed the contract with him in March 2012.

“After paying rent for five months, he stopped. He hasn’t paid a single paisa in the last five to six months. Everytime I call, he has some personal problem or the other... I have all Sheetal’s messages and call records proving how he has been avoiding a meeting with me,” said Sonu. “Finally I filed a non-cognisable complaint in the police... He hasn’t even paid the broker who negotiated between us, Sonu added. 

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