Stars on campus: Soumya Seth

Here is what actor Soumya Seth has to say about her college days.

1 Which was your favourite bunk-and-hangout spot in college?
During college, I also used to work as a model. So I didn’t really hang out much. I’d go back home to enjoy my own space.

2 The weirdest fashion fad you followed back then?
I was very fond of hair beading. 

3 What is the most embarrassing experience you had in college?
When I was in junior college, I participated in a fashion show. It has been the most memorable experience for me till date because I was the youngest model on the ramp, among girls who three to four years my senior. 

4 What was your favourite dish in the canteen?
Manchow soup and frankies.

(Soumya Seth studied at Ritambhara College, Juhu)


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