STEAMY: Sherlyn Chopra sizzles in a new, nude picture

  • Sherlyn Chopra

    The first Indian to feature in the adult magazine Playboy, Bollywood starlet Sherlyn Chopra has not only stripped completely but is very proud of it ...

  • Sherlyn Chopra

    @SherlynChopra tweeted: With Tony, my adorable hair-dresser

  • Sherlyn

    Sherlyn shed her inhibitions along with her clothes for Playboy.

  • Sherlyn Chopra

    @SherlynChopra tweeted: With Sasha, the highly gifted photographer!!!

  • Sherlyn Chopra

    @SherlynChopra tweeted: Havin' a blast!!! The experience is mighty liberating!!!

  • Sherlyn

    Sherlyn tweeted a picture of hers with the Playboy crew. Playboy, in fact, calls the starlet a 'Bollywood legend'.

  • Sherlyn Chopra

    Sherlyn tweeted an image from her Playboy photoshoot. "Thanks 2 all those who have applauded my choice 2 b free-spirited n 2 do with my ...

Sherlyn Chopra recently shot for the Playboy magazine, and now there is no looking back for her.

The starlet changed her profile picture on Twitter recently and has grabbed everyone's fancy.

She is lying on a wooden plank as steam is rising from around her. But the USP of the picture is that she is nude.

The picture has all the elements for becoming a rage.

There is a nude Sherlyn Chopra, steam, dark tone, an arched back and a sensuos pose.

The picture also shares a striking resemblance to the promotional poster of Sunny Leone in Jism 2, with both the stunners posing in an almost similar manner.

Ever since Sherlyn Chopra's success with the Playboy fame Hugh Hefner, the model-turned-actor thinks that her time has come.

She tweeted, 'Thanks 2 all those who have applauded my choice 2 b free-spirited n 2 do with my life what I please 2 do.I'm answerable 2 no one but myself.'

In nude: Sherlyn Chopra

In a recent interview, Sherlyn Chopra has been quoted saying, "I am no less than the reigning queens in the industry."

Let us see how far does Sherlyn Chopra go! Her Playboy pictures will come out this November.

Teaser: Sherlyn Chopra in the Playboy

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