Varun Dhawan, Sushant Rajput and Sidharth Malhotra's Holi plans

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On the occasion of Holi, three young guns of Bollywood — Varun Dhawan, Sushant Singh Rajput and Sidharth Malhotra  — share their childhood memories of the festival, how things have changed since stardom, and whether they miss the old days.

How was Holi when you were a child?
Sushant: All the kids in our locality formed a gang. We would give proper jobs to everyone and then attack people on the streets with colours and pichkaaris (water guns).
Varun: Holi used to be rough and dirty; we would dunk people in mud pits and throw balloons at them. In the morning, my father would put colour on my face.
Sidharth: I’d wake up very early on Holi and my family would assemble at a cousin’s place and fill hundreds of balloons with water which we would then use later.

Have things changed now that you are famous?

Varun: Things have changed but more than that, this year, I won’t be able to go all out celebrating. This year, for the first time, I’ll be working on Holi.
Sushant: I’d like it to be the same as before, since Holi is my favourite festival, but yes, all those open processions on the roads with friends will take a backseat.
Sidharth: As actors, we can’t be as rough about celebrating Holi as we used to be because we have our shooting schedules and films to think about.


Do you miss those carefree days?
Yes, those are very special memories and there is always that added joy and excitement in every festival when you are a kid. That doesn’t exist once you grow up.
Varun: I do miss them, but I am grateful to God for whatever I have achieved till date. Since I am working on Holi this year anyway, I will have no time to complain about anything.
Sidharth: Of course, I do! I will miss not just the colour and madness, but even the roadside food, gujiyas and the happy atmosphere, which is sadly missing these days.

Any special plans this year?

Sushant: I will not waste water and only use natural colours. Maybe a lathmaar Holi, which is very famous in north India (laughs) would be a great idea.
Varun: After packing up, I’ll play a bit with my crewmembers, including Anurag Basu (director), Ayananka Bose (cinematographer) and Kunal Rawal (designer).
Sidharth: I am preparing for my film (that’s why I am not going to my hometown, Delhi) but still, I’ll celebrate Holi in my own way with my close friends.

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