WATCH: Obama’s lookalike goes Gangnam Style

  • Himika Chaudhri, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Dec 02, 2012 00:03 IST

US President Barack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown plays hacky sack during an Obama vs Romney 'showdown' on Washington Square Park in New York. (AFP Photo)

In India, while harmless comments on Facebook or spoof accounts of leaders on Twitter have led to legal action against youngsters, in the US, an impersonater of none other than the American President Barack Obama, gyrating to wild dance moves on the hit song Gangnam Style, is tasting stardom.

Reggie Brown, who looks striking similar to President Obama, and proudly calls himself an “impersonator”, has released a music video titled, Obama Gangnam Style, that has gone viral on YouTube and has already garnered 60 lakh hits since it was first uploaded two months back. The 3-minute video shows Brown dressed exactly as Obama, dancing with a look-alike of the US’s First Lady, Michelle. The dance steps, complete with the couple’s popular expressions, are wild to say the least, including a scene where the couple, clad in towels, is seen taking a steam bath together.

“I shudder to think what would have happened if someone in India did something similar for fun on any of our leaders,” says 25-year-old image building consultant, Swagato Mallick. “In India, a cartoon against politicians can land you in jail, and we still talk about freedom of expression. This video should be shown to our netas to teach them what it means to take things with a tinge of humour,” says 22-year-old student Tanya Bhatnagar.


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