Why Sidharth Malhotra sent legal notice to his 'fanclub'

Sidharth Malhotra (Photo Courtesy: Facebook)

Recently, Sidharth Malhotra made headlines when a story claimed that he had sent a legal notice to two Delhi-based school students for an amount of Rs10 crore.

This was because they had started a fan club dedicated to him. But the young actor says, “It has been done to protect my fans and not go against them.”

According to Sidharth, he had to send a legal notice because the duo was running a fake website which was selling merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, with the actors name.

“They are making it sound as if I am suing my own fans. But they were illegally selling merchandise under my name on a website that was guised as mine,” he says.

In order to check this fake portal, someone from the actor’s team even placed an order for a T-shirt, which was acknowledged by the owners. That’s when they took legal action.

“In a way, I was protecting my other fans when I served the legal notice. Later, I was told that they are young, college kids but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s illegal,” he says.

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