Why Tom Cruise opted for quickie divorce

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  • Updated: Jul 11, 2012 18:27 IST
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have called it quits. A five-year old marriage and a six-year-old daughter later, here's a look at TomKat's happy journey.

  • Tom-Katie

    Four years after he split from his second wife Nicole Kidman, Tom started dating Katie Holmes in 2005 and the couple was sighted at events ...

  • Tom Cruise-fiancee Katie Holmes

    In 2005, Tom Cruise made public appearances as he waved to well-wishers on his arrival with fiancee Katie Holmes in the old port of Marseille, ...

  • Tom even declared his love for Katie

    Tom even declared his love for Katie live on Oprah Winfrey's show - famously hopping on a couch in the studio.

  • Holmes and Cruise marriage

    On November 18, 2006, Holmes and Cruise were married at the 15th-century Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy, in a Scientology ceremony attended by many Hollywood ...

  • Katie-Suri

    Katie gave birth to their daughter Suri on April 18, 2006.

  • Tom-Katie

    The couple's story was seen as a fairytale romance and one of the more stable relationships in Hollywood.

  • Tom-Katie-Suri

    But it remains to be seen how the stylish, dark-haired duo will handle the custody of their daughter, who has been called one of Hollywood's ...

  • Holmes-Cruise

    This was Holmes's first divorce and Cruise's third.

Tom Cruise settled his divorce with Katie Holmes quickly in order to save The Church of Scientology, cult experts have claimed.

“(Church leader) David Miscavige dictated Tom’s divorce deal. Scientology wanted a gag order as soon as possible to stop further negative information coming out,” Steven Hassan, an exit counselor who works with those leaving cults, told the New York Post.

“They would have agreed to allow Katie to raise Suri as a Catholic, as long as she doesn’t say anything bad about Scientology to Suri or the public,” he said.
But Hassan, whose new book Freedom of Mind helps those escape the grip of cults, said Holmes may regret signing the gag order.

“In the future that may not be the best decision for Katie, Tom and Suri. What would be best would be to get the truth out there help Tom escape Scientology,” he said.

Marty Rathbun, Tom Cruise’s former auditor with the Church of Scientology, claimed that the Mission Impossible star effectively chose his religion over his 6-year-old daughter, Suri, in his divorce negotiations with Holmes.

Rathbun was a former high ranking Scientologist who worked with Cruise for several years, conducting auditing sessions with the star, before he left the religion. He has since become an outspoken critic of Scientology.

“I think that Tom Cruise chose his religion over his daughter Suri, and I also think that David Miscavige pressured Cruise to settle the divorce quickly,” he told Radar Online.

Miscavige is Cruise’s best friend and was the actor’s best man when he married Holmes in Italy in 2005. The newlyweds honeymooned on Miscavige’s yacht.

The church has been at the center of attention in the Holmes-Cruise divorce drama.

Rathbun said that the next move for Cruise and Scientology would be, “To act the victim for having Tom’s personal life and religious beliefs dug into when the press starts inquiring about who won control over education and religion with respect to Suri.”

“They are paying to get Scientology Inc. out of the news.

“He should have learned that his association with David Miscavige is ruining his life. What he actually learned is anybody’s guess,” he added.


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